Thursday, December 29, 2005

7 meme

Trixie tagged me. So here are my 7 meme

A Seven things to do before I die.

1. She my children grown into happy,
well adjusted adults.

2. Understand what my purpose is.

3. Travel all 50 states.

4. Write a book or two.

5. Be as organized in my life as I see
in my head.

6. Learn to barrel race and drive a race car.

7. Dance on a sawdust covered dance floor,
holding tight to the mutual love of my life.

B Seven things I can not do.

1. Have a clean house.

2. Ride a bull

3. Understand men

4. Balance a check book. (even though I can balance
several thousand dollars daily at work.)

5. Sing with out freighting children.

6. Ride fast rides at the fair.

7. Tolerate self righteous people.

C Seven things that attract me. ( to anyone)

1. Laughter that goes down to he soul.

2. Smile

3. Welcoming eyes.

4. Good firm hand shake, (that limp stuff makes me

5. Confidence

6. Able to find humor in everything.

7. Love of life.

D Seven things I say most often

1. What do you think you are doing?

2. Get down from there right now.

3. O no you didn't.

4. I love you.

5. I don't think so.

6. I am going as fast as old ladies can go.

7. Because I said so.

E Seven books ( or series or genres or topics) that I

1. Bible

2. Self help books

3. Books on prayer.

4. Family history.

5. History of Oklahoma

6. Any cook books

7. Comic Romance novels

F Seven movies I would watch over and over again ( if I had time)

1. Gone with the Wind

2. Sabrina ( old and new)

3. You've got Mail

4. Bridges of Madison County

5. Breakfast at Tiffanies

6. Casablanca

7. Moonstruck

G. Seven people I want to join in too.

Most everyone I know has already done this.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Not a winter program

We had our Christmas program at church last night. I was the mc,
and my preteen class did a skit. The 1st thing I said was this is
a Christmas program. It was not to be confused with a Holiday
program or Winter festival. It is a Christmas program, with the
country having issues, so now they call it a Holiday season.

We do not have issues it is a CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, CHRISTMAS SEASON,

It went very well, the 2yrs and under did a manger scene. Complete
with a live baby for Jesus. Surprisingly he did not cry. The next
2 classes combined for a songs and stories.

Then came my class. They wanted to do a skit. I did not have alot of
time to search for a skit. We decided to write our own. I gave them
3 choices on the setting. They picked a bus that hits a snowbank on
Christmas eve. They then picked what characters they wanted to be.

I sat down at the library, prayed for God to guide me in what he wanted
to say. I was very pleased. This was my 1st time to write a play. I
think God did a good job. Every one seemed to like it very well.
When I have more time to post I may list it for you.

Then young adult's did a skit. It all went very well.

I am feeling very stretched right now. There are some other issues
going on in my life that are deeply concerning me. So please say a
prayer for me, that God will guide me with wisdom, patience, strength.

I hope you all have the greatest Christmas ever.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Granny is missing

About 4 months back. An elderly couple were at the
pharmacy next door. When the man came back to the
car he could not find his wife. We searched the parking
lot, all the buildings, the police were called.

I felt so sorry for him, he was so lost, and frail looking.
The police were scanning the surrounding area's. I
decided to walk the 1/2 block up to gas station to see
if she was there.

I went in asked the clerk if she had seen an eldery
heavy set women. She told me she had not seen her.
On the way back, I was almost to the street. A police
car whipped in. He rolled down his window. I could tell
by the look on his face, he thought it was me. I quickly
told him she was not in the store. I was not about to
give him the chance to ask me if I was her.

Saying that, when I got to work today. There were black
streamers on the door to my office, flyers saying
MISSING Have you seen this women with a picture of me
also mistaken for granny. She is lost can you find her.
Pictures of old women all covered my office. a Cautions senior
moment in progress toped my monitor.

So happy birthday to me(granny) by the way I am not that old
but apparently I look like it. I just recently colored my hair
again, in hopes people would stop thinking my deer hunter and
princess were my grandchildren..

Oh the women is fine. Her husband had left her at a yardsale.
Someone there had taken her home. What was even worse it was 2
yardsale stops before the pharmacy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

over the hill

tomorrow is my birthday. At the office where I work.
There is a tradition, you get your cubicle decorated.

There have been several different ones. One was a
chicken coop for a girl who will not eat beef, one
was a hurricane, because both her sons were helping
during Wilma, we had a wedding for the new girl who
caught the bouquet at a resent wedding, a fashion show
for a lady who modeled for a fashion show at her church,
my personal favorite was trailer park white trash, complete
with duct tape, toilet seat flower planter, pink flamingo,
large Rebel flag.

So it will be very interesting to see what they do to me. I have
had to listen to them snicker, and full blown laugh out loud.
Stuff things in desk when I walk up. The new girl, said it is
the worst one yet. She even said she felt sorry for me.

I am getting pretty nervous. I will post what ever it is.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It seems like forever since you left. I know you are
in a better place. But I can't help but miss you.

It is almost Thanksgiving. I remember you getting up
at 4:00am to put the turkey on. Working all day in the
kitchen getting all the fixins ready. You would let me
do the dressin because you said I do it better. I can
taste the fruit salad with the little marshmallows in

The brown and serve rolls with butter leaking out. Cran
berry sauce. The Thanksgiving day parade on TV. All the
football games, me and pop used to watch.

I miss sitting and talking about Christmas coming soon.
Planning shopping trips. I remember the day I realized you
and I would never shop together again. I cried all the
way home.

I love your homemade Christmas candy, helping you hang all
those stockings for all of us.

I have the fondest memories of when we lived in the Mize rent
house. We had the most horrible silver tree. But I thought it
was great. Then the next year I walked up by the baseball field
cut a tree down myself. Then drug it home. I sure did not look
that big out in the field. I took up 1/2 the wall and bent over
the ceiling. It looked naked because we did not have enough
ornaments. But you never said much.

I mostly love the way you made me barbie clothes, and furniture
out of commodity cheese boxes. I had living room, kitchen and
bed room furninture. The doors and drawers even worked. Then how
you saved your pennies so you could order the barbie rv from the
Sear's catalog. How surprised I was.

I want so much to be a good mom. I wish you could see my babies.
Well I guess they are not babies any more. The deer hunter is 9
now. You should see the excitement in his eyes when he catches a
fish, lizard or any other of God's little creatures. He has my
blue eyes. He can put an adult to shame when he prays. He gets
up in Church and sings with his friend. Oh how I wish you could
see him. He is my great protector. He has the kindest heart, and
is all boy.

I am paying for my raisin with the Princess. She has a sparkle in
her eyes that can't be equaled. She is the mother to every cat, dog,
rabbit, and bird that calls our house home. When she laughs it is
like joy ebbs from every fiber of her being. She has the most
enchanting singing voice. But so far has chosen to share it only
with her stuffed animals. She looks just like you when you were a
girl, curly hair and all. She is my conqueror. The coach at school
said he pities the man she marries.

I finished my 1st quilt. It as for the little princess. She loves
it. It was made from you flannel pj's, my gown, and one of princesses
gowns. It is very special to her and me. I found material to go with
the beautiful pansies you made. But I can not seem to sew it together.
I think it is still to emotional. I have it pinned together, so maybe
soon I will be able to sew it up.

Oh I wish I could just sit at the Kitchen table with you. Talk about
mom and daughter stuff. I know it is not Biblical but, I sure wish
you could sit on a cloud and watch the deer hunter and princess.

Well I have to go. Supper to get, move the living room around to have
a place for the Christmas tree.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Looking for Fall

Hello Friends,
It is getting to be quit an ordeal trying to find out what all is wrong with
me. I think the new medicine is working ok. But I am tried of being sick, so
no more talk of it..I'll either get over it or not...

I just love the fall of the year. I look forward to with much longing.
The beautiful splash of color painted on the trees by our heavenly father.
The crisp morning air, that wakes up your face. The Pumpkins in the
fields, and on the porches. Ummm pumpkin pie..
Standing out in the night, looking up at the stars that were flung across
the night sky by our heavenly Father. Listening to the sounds of the night.
The hoot of the hidden owl. The coyotes howling from afar.
Watching the last of the lighting bugs shimmer from across the meadow.
Seeing the squirrels scamper to get there winter food stored. The end of
the bullfrogs sounding off, before they bury in for the winter.

What a wonderful time. It is my favorite. I do not do the heat well
anymore. The anticipation of winter coming. Watching a bomb fire with
all the colors bouncing as the fire consumes the wood. It has been to
long since I have enjoyed that.

The air just seem more clean, in the fall. Waking to the fog down in
the valley with the morning sun gleaming off of it. Hiking thur the
woods with the crisp leaves crunching under your boots.


Thursday, August 04, 2005


Hello Friends,
This is a short note to let you know I do have
an appointment next Thursday with my neurologist.

I have been talking to a lady from chruch who's
husband has epilsey. She has been very helpful.
I am going to start a calender to keep up with
my seisures and head aches.

Please pray I do not know how long I can work
the way I am now..

Saturday, July 30, 2005

need a little help

Hey friends,
I have not been here much lately. Some of that is
because our computer at home crashed. But other is
because, I am having a real hard time concentrating.

I was diagnosis with epilepsy last fall. It seem I
am having more mini maul seizures. I have also had
one grand maul seizure while I was asleep. My husband
woke up to the bed shaking. It eventual passed.

I of course had no memory of it. This is starting to
affect my job performance. For the 1st time in my life.
I did not get the full raise on evaluation. She told
me I needed to speed up and make better use of my time.

I have had some other medical procedures done lately that
I am still paying for(and I do have insurance go figure)
As soon as I get them paid for I have got to go back to
see the neurologist. I have a real hard time getting around

This sounds like I am 70, but I am only 43. I have days when
I can move pretty good. But then I will have several days that
I find it very hard to just get out of a chair. I am also having
hand tremors. One night my fore finger was jumping for several
seconds..I have been dropping things, or knocking them off when
I try to pick them up..

It is hard to not be depressed. Just typing this little bit my
hand are trembling. And that is what I do for a living..I
may be able to find a job with less stress and skill. But my
family would suffer as we would take a big pay cut..

I am open to any and all advice..
Hope all of you are doing well..


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Aunt Doodle

Everyone has a favorite aunt. Mine was Aunt Doodle. That was not her
given name of course. It was Wynonna, but I was 20yrs old before I
knew that.

My Aunt Doodle lived in California most of the years I was growing
up. She would ride the bus for days to come visit us in Oklahoma.
I would get so excited when I knew she was coming. I may have been
that because I didn't get to see her much that made me enjoy her so.

What ever the reason I thought she was the best. I can remember one
hot humid summer day. I was hanging clothes out to dry on the line.
When she our cousin brought her to see us. I left the clothes there
and ran to greet her. She gave the best hugs.

I would talk so fast she would have to slow me down. I would listen
to all the stories about California, her children, and her job.

Later in my life she moved back home. She had a mobil home down close
to the Paw Paw bottoms. I would go by cut her hair and give her a home

My sweet Aunt was a women of much faith in the Lord. I learned alot from
her. She would tell me about being a young girl down in the bottoms.
How they would walk to church, it was the only place to go. How poor
girls would dab vanilla flavoring behind there ears for perfume.

On cold snowy winter days they would wake up, to find snow on top of
the home made quilts. There would be so many quilts they could hardly
move. In the summer they would swim in the creek to cool off. After
they had washed out there quilts in the creek they would hang them
in the trees to dry.

Granny made there dresses out of flour sacks. At that time they were
cloth sacks made with material of different patterns and colors. If
it was your turn to get a dress you got to pick out the flour sack.

Aunt doodle was a wonderful cook. I think my favorite dish of hers was
pork fried rice. She will always be special to me.

My sweet Aunt went to heaven 3yrs ago this spring. Just a couple of
months before my momma did. I used to take momma, nannie, and Aunt
Doodle to Ft Smith to shop at KMart on Saturdays. It was always a
very colorful trip. My nannie and Aunt Doodle were sisters. But they
could not get along for very long.

It was always very funny to here them talk about growing up. I am
so thankful for all she shared with me..

Thanks for the memories Aunt Doodle..

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deer Boy

On a happier note. My sweet Deer Boy is doing much better.
We discovered that if we give him and Princes diet coke before
school they are able to sit and concentrate more. He as gone from
having 4 f's to b & c's on his weekly assessment sheet.

I am so excited I am trying to find something special to take
both of them to..If any one has a ideal please share..

In memory of Amber Leann

This has got be the saddest post I have ever written. But my heart cries out to
be heard on this. Early Sat April 30, at 1:00am. The young lives of 2 people
were taken.

Amber was returning home from a friends home. She was close to home. About
5 miles to the safety of her parents house. Amber was 19. She went to be with
the Lord.

The reason Amber went to be with the Lord. A young man of 20 made a very bad
choice. He was driving with a supended drivers license. It was not the 1st time
he had driven drunk..But it was his last.

He was driving the wrong way down and access road. 3 911 calls had already come
in. Not only was he going the wrong way, he did not have his headlights on. As
the police were in route to stop him.

The came upon one of the most horrific accidents. He had gotten on the bypass
going north in the southbound lane. From the time Ambers headlights put
him into her view, the impact was only seconds. She had tried to turn out
of his path, but there was not time.

Both were dead at the scene. They had to cut them out, emergency workers
tried there best but it was to much damage to their bodies.

My friend was at home alone at 2:00am when the police arrived to tell her that
her precious darling daughter would never come home again. Her husband was
gone for the weekend camping, her twins were out of town, one at a boys scout
camp out. The other in Chicago on a field trip for the gifted and talent students.

I pray I will never have to hear those words she heard that night, or the
words another set of parents had to hear. This life comes with no promise
of tomorrow.

It is so hard to understand why this had to happen. It is hard to admit
that as a young women I choice to drive drunk. I was very Lucky that no
one was ever hurt. I look back now I tried to justify that I only drove
on dirt roads, and the most I would hit was the ditch..

I had a dear friend that hit a tree, he was lucky too. It could have been
the end of his life.

Please, Please do not think I am preaching at any one..But if you drink
do not drive..I can not imagine what it would be like to know I ended
someone else's life because I made a bad choice..

Please remember my friends in your prayers..As well as the family of the
young man who hit Amber.

God Bless you all..

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Princess and The Great Deer Hunter

Yesterday made me sick to my stomach. It was one of the days that I have come
dread like having to the principal office. It was parent teacher conference
I have not said alot about my sweet little darlings. So I will introduce them
to you. My 1st born son I have named him The Great Deer Hunter. I will call
him Deer Boy for short. He is in 3rd grade has sparkling blue eyes, loves
snakes and hunting. He has always struggled with school. We have gone thur
extra tutoring, and summer school. About 2 months ago he was diagnosis as
ADD. This did not come as a great surprise to me. I have watched him struggle
to do his work. Unable to focus, sit still even cry because he wanted to do
well. We started the meds the doc and I agreed on.

It seemed to help some, but he is still struggling. It is so hard to go
and talk to his teacher. Who is a very nice lady that I correspond with
weekly. But unless some great awaking happens he will stay back this year.
It may end up being a good choice. I have an appointment with a place
called Learning RX next week. They will test him to see how he learns,
then try to retrain him on learning and studying. Please say a prayer
for us. He is small for his age, seems immature, and his birthday was
close to cut off so he is one of the youngest in his class.

I just do not want this to become a self esteem issue. He has already
suffered because he has such a hard time keeping up with the class.

Then we have my little Princess. That is the 1st word that comes to mind
when I think of her. She is very bright, vocal, and does not seem to have
any self esteem issues. She would be on the Honor Roll again if her hand
writing was not so messy. Her teacher did ask me if she had been tested
for ADD also. She does have a problem with her social skills.

She seems to argue with every one including the teacher. She can't seem
to stop talking to hear what the teacher is saying. Her teacher told
me that if we could get her to settle down she had no doubt that she
would be her top student.

Now I have not drank alcoholic beverages now for 10 yrs. But this sure
would be a time to have a good stiff drink. I try so hard to make sure
they have rounded lives, Church, school, cub scouts and brownies. Life
is so hard sometimes.

I know that there are some kids that are not taught to behave. But they
have been taught this. I know that this will pass. I just pray that they
are able to come thur with out to much baggage.

It is times like this that I miss my little mama so much. My mother in law
helps some. But some times you just need your mama. No matter how old you
get. I heard a man on the Radio talking about his mama today. How special
she was and that today was her birthday. She had passed away 24 yrs ago but
he still missed her.

The Princess and Deer Boy. God thank you for them. Give me wisdom and grace
to raise them to be strong, intelligent, loving, caring, hard working members
of the human race. I Pray most for happiness in there lives, That they find
true undying love that last a live time. I do not pray there lives always
be easy but that you always give them strength and wisdom to make it thur
the journey you have for them. I pray that they be a reflection of you in
all they say and do....And bless me with grandchildren...And health to
enjoy them.. Amen

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

California Bound

Hi guys, sorry it has taken me so long. So much going on. I am
almost healed from my last surgery Dec 11,04. Any way lets go

In June 1989, man does that seem like an eternity ago. I loaded
everything I could fit in my Pontiac Sunbird. Off I went for what
would be an adventure. I did not even get to there before the adventure
began. My little car started giving me trouble.

I was in the middle of the dessert. The stretch that does not have
any thing by a rest stop in the middle with rest rooms and phones.
I was coming up a hill when I noticed that my car was getting hot.
I pulled over to check the situation out. I discovered upon raising
the hood that my water pump was going out.

I was leaning on the car watching the big orange sun set, wondering
what the heck I was going to do. I was just about to cry. When an
18 wheeler pulled up behind me. He had seen my Oklahoma tags when I
had passed him at the bottom of the hill. He being from Enid his self
decided to stop and help. He had some water in jugs that we put in the
car. We then limped it to the rest area.

At the rest area I met the sweetest retired couple. B and R I will call
them. They lived in Orange, Ca and were on there way home. They took
me under there wings and stayed with me almost all the way to were I
was going. They also kept what was one very scary looking man away.
He kept trying to get me to go and have coffee with him once we got
back into a town. B and R stopped and we had coffee before they had
to go in another direction. B gave me the jugs full of water to get
me the rest of the way, a flash light (I still have it) and there
address and phone number.

I made it in to Lakewood, Ca with out any more trouble. I sent B and R
a thank you note. They became very good friends I even spent one Thanks
giving with them when I was in Calif. I met all there family. Apparently
they always keep a journal or there travels. They read the entry of
meeting and saving me. It was great.

Once in Lakewood I started out as a Nanny for my friends mother. She
had 4 children at home. So I stayed there all summer with them. We had
fun most days. It was very challenging as I had not really been responsible
for children on a regular basis. One of the children was handicap. He
had a great attitude. I had not been there very long when I was supposed
to make cookies for his class. I had the cookies all ready to go in the
oven. But the oven did not work. The family I was staying with had just
moved in the week I came. So we had not met all the neighbors yet.

I took my pan of cookies next door and rung the door bell. I introduced
my self explained the situation and asked if she could bake my cookies.
This was a very sweet couple Carl and Cathy. She did and saved me.
This job taught me a lot of things that I would use later after I married
and became a mother.

After the kids went to school in the fall. I was just about to go out
looking for a job. My friends aunt asked if I would like to work in
there family lumber yard. I worked there the next 2 1/2 yrs I was in
Calif. I had never worked on a computer, but they were very patient and
taught me. I also learned to measure lumber by board ft and lineal ft.

I was able to see a lot of diverse cultures. I am from a small town
with one stop light. So this was a learning adventure. I lived in a couple
of different places, Lomita, Torrance, and Lakewood. I met some wonderful
friends that I still keep up with. I was able to go to Dodgers games,
some plays, Hollywood Bowl, and a few other things. It was a great time.
You can take the girl out of the small town, but some times you can
never take the small town out of the girl. I missed home so much.

When I left I had put an ad in the Ft Smith paper. "I am going to the
land of palm trees and falling stars. But my heart will always belong
down a dirt road in Oklahoma. I will be back. " And my longin for home
was just to strong. So I put another ad in the Ft Smith paper from Calif.
" I have seen the palm trees and falling stars. But the call of a dirt
road is bringing me back home."

Now my memory isn't what it used to be so the ad's may not have read
exactly that but it is close. So I had a yard sale put every thing that
would fit in the new car I had bought while I was there and headed for

I will try my best not to stay away as long.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Jack of all master of none, chpt 2

The next small truck stop I worked in was across the street
from the 1st one. It was now closed. It was at the 1st truck
stop that I met ER and his brudder. We all 3 would work for
these folks for the next few years off and on. Even though I
had been robbed at gun point, I did not have a healthy fear
of any thing or any one.

During my time at this place, I remember one night a local drug
thug had bought some beer. He wanted me to give him the ice.
I told him I could not do that. He tried for a while to get me
to, but finally gave up and went out side. As I watched him he
opened the ice box and got the ice any way. Well this really
made me mad..I picked up the loaded 38 that was under the counter
walked out the door. I will never forget the look on his face.
All I said was "put it back" he did!

I learned God has to have been looking out after me. I have
heard, God watches out for fools and drunks I was not drunk.

During the time I was working nights there I also worked for
my cousin. She and her husband ran a Bingo parlor. I worked in
the back room where all the pull tabs and blackjack table were.
This was lots of fun. But I watched people who did not have
the money, loose there rent and food money. I used to like
to play blackjack some. But I gave myself a limit and when it
was gone so was I..Another thing I learned was some people are
bad no matter how good you are to them. My cousin's son could
have had the world on a silver platter. But he choose to steal
from his parents, do drugs, and ended up in prison. He is now
very sorry for all the pain he has caused her and her family.

I left for a short time to work for a bakery. I worked in a
thrift store where you can buy day old bread and pastries.
This was a short job as the pay was not to great, but I could
have all I wanted to eat..I left there 10 lbs heavier..I had
to get out quick..But I do know now that there are great
bargains at the bread thrift store..

I went back to the truck stop. I worked there until I left for
California. But one more truck stop story. I can't understand why
a van load of men would try to scare a sweet young lady like me.
It was about 3:00am when they pulled up. It was a van with a small
uhaul behind it. The van had several guys with long hair and lots
of tattoos. After they came in I learned they were a band on the
way to LA. from New York. They chatted about stuff for a while
when one of them asked if I was scared working there at night?
I told him not usually. He was looking in a glass case with nick
nacks in it. It also had some of those butterfly knives. He smiled
real big and asked me what I would do if someone came after me
with one of them. This made me pretty mad but I held my temper.
I smiled at him, then explained that I would not do any thing
except pull the string. "What string" he asked. I said the one
attached to the sawed off shot gun mounted under the counter!
Now there really was not a sawed off shot gun under the counter.
There was a loaded 38 pistol. But it made me mad that he was
trying to scare me. You should have seen him trying to get out
of the store without going past the counter..They all left pretty
quick after that..I learned when in doubt bluff your butt off.

Next chapter I put every thing I owned in my car and moved to

Monday, January 10, 2005

Jack of all master of none.

With gainful employment now in my possession once again. I begin to
look back at my employment history. I have one semester of pre nursing
under my belt. That is the only college courses, the rest is what ever
looked good at the time. So here we go..

I started working in high school during the summer. I stripped floors,
painted walls, cleaned furniture and got my 1st kiss. He was the
supervisor's son. Who sent us off to work in empty building alone.
I learned a lot that summer. What was the funniest part. His dad was
trying to fix him up with my best friend. She was slimmer than me
with blond hair. But his son apparently found this little chubby girl
with brown hair a little more to his liking. But when school started
back the romance ended. But I did continue to work for the school
after school and during the summer until my last year of school.

My next job was working in a small truck stop owned by a soy bean
farmer. I worked Friday and Saturday nights 11:00pm to 7:00am then
back at 3:00pm to 11:00 on Sunday. I started out as a fry cook. The
only experience I had was cooking at home. This little truck stop
was close to one of the local bar's. So at 2:00 am when it closed,
we loaded up with drunks. I fried and scrambled eggs, sausage, ham,
bacon, and burnt toast and pancakes. I went home crying. It took a
while but I finally got the hang of it and became a pretty good
fry cook. I even had a man come back to the kitchen and give me a
tip. Said he owned a restaurant somewhere, and I had made him the
best pork chops he had ever eaten. I thanked him, but did not tell
him I had dropped one on the floor. (I had to use it we did not
have any more so I washed it off good and cooked it)

I graduated to waitress. This worked until I got out of High School.
I then went full time as 2nd shift waitress. Until the day I came
to work to find a note on the door. The IRS had taken possession of
the building and business for back taxes. I went home crying what
would I do. I had just moved out in my 1st apt. I cried for about
an hour. Then got cleaned up and went to the restaurant across the
street and got a job.

I left the restaurant next door to work in a furniture manufacturer.
We built living room furniture. I worked in the cutting room. I
helped the cutter lay out the material on a long table, then put
a pattern on it dust it with baby powder. She would then cut it.
I would bundle. I learned alot about working with women at this
job. It sucks...They whine, back bite and are plain nasty at times.
It was very hard on me. I stayed out in the floor where they
upholstered the furniture. The men out there were alot more friendly.
Of course this gave all those women lots to talk about. But it
was more fun. They taught me to play poker. Which came in handy
all the rest of my life..I did learn how to tell if living room
furniture was built well or if it would fall apart in a year. I
also learned enough about sewing and upholstering that I can do
it for myself if needed..

During my time there I also worked weekends as a nurses aid at a
nursing home. Now there is not much that can prepare you for that.
But I have always had a love for children and old people. The first
weekend I worked I could not eat for the smell. It is better now.
Most of them do not smell as bad. There are new products to help
with the work and keeping the smell down. One thing that comes to
mind, I got locked in a shower with a lady. I had gotten her
cleaned up and dressed. But when we went to get out the door would
not open. The Fire Dept had to come and take the door off. This
trained me for other jobs I did as private duty nurse and taking
care of my grandpa when he got sick.

The next job I went to was working at a small convenience store.
The one I told you about in the story where I got robbed. I learned
when some one has a gun give them money....

I am going to have to break this into more than one story..

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Need Job Soon.

My plans for working at the school with my kids is not
panning out. So I am in search of employment. I really
did not want to go back into the city. But alas, I
most likely will.
Please say a prayer for me. I have an interview this
morning. It would be a good thing. It is at the edge
of the City. So I could get there from home in 15 min.
Not have to get into the worse of the traffic.

And best of all it should pay very close to what I made
at the Lab. It is doing the same thing.

Hope you all have a the best of days.