Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deer Boy

On a happier note. My sweet Deer Boy is doing much better.
We discovered that if we give him and Princes diet coke before
school they are able to sit and concentrate more. He as gone from
having 4 f's to b & c's on his weekly assessment sheet.

I am so excited I am trying to find something special to take
both of them to..If any one has a ideal please share..

In memory of Amber Leann

This has got be the saddest post I have ever written. But my heart cries out to
be heard on this. Early Sat April 30, at 1:00am. The young lives of 2 people
were taken.

Amber was returning home from a friends home. She was close to home. About
5 miles to the safety of her parents house. Amber was 19. She went to be with
the Lord.

The reason Amber went to be with the Lord. A young man of 20 made a very bad
choice. He was driving with a supended drivers license. It was not the 1st time
he had driven drunk..But it was his last.

He was driving the wrong way down and access road. 3 911 calls had already come
in. Not only was he going the wrong way, he did not have his headlights on. As
the police were in route to stop him.

The came upon one of the most horrific accidents. He had gotten on the bypass
going north in the southbound lane. From the time Ambers headlights put
him into her view, the impact was only seconds. She had tried to turn out
of his path, but there was not time.

Both were dead at the scene. They had to cut them out, emergency workers
tried there best but it was to much damage to their bodies.

My friend was at home alone at 2:00am when the police arrived to tell her that
her precious darling daughter would never come home again. Her husband was
gone for the weekend camping, her twins were out of town, one at a boys scout
camp out. The other in Chicago on a field trip for the gifted and talent students.

I pray I will never have to hear those words she heard that night, or the
words another set of parents had to hear. This life comes with no promise
of tomorrow.

It is so hard to understand why this had to happen. It is hard to admit
that as a young women I choice to drive drunk. I was very Lucky that no
one was ever hurt. I look back now I tried to justify that I only drove
on dirt roads, and the most I would hit was the ditch..

I had a dear friend that hit a tree, he was lucky too. It could have been
the end of his life.

Please, Please do not think I am preaching at any one..But if you drink
do not drive..I can not imagine what it would be like to know I ended
someone else's life because I made a bad choice..

Please remember my friends in your prayers..As well as the family of the
young man who hit Amber.

God Bless you all..