Friday, September 08, 2006

What a Day!!

Tomorrow will be one of the busyist days of my life. I am already tired just
thinking about it.

My darling little princess will be in her school Mr and Miss pageant. We have
practice at 9:00am. Then as soon as we get out, we are heading for the hair
dresser. She will have her hair and nails done. I can't wait to see how she

By the time we get done there, grab some lunch. We are heading for their
cousin's birthday party. It is a costume party. Of course she is going as
a princess, her brother is going as a pirate.

Before the party is over. I will take the great deer hunter to his 1st
ever football game. The princess will go home with my mother in law to
wait for us. The great deer hunter is doing just great in football. I
was surprised, he took to it so well. He is pretty small for his age.
I have seen him take down boys ever bit 3x bigger than him. He is tackle
on defense. He is so small and fast, he hits the guy in front of him on
the legs and takes them down. Last week he hit a big kid, who fell on
top of him. The big kid had to be taken out of the scrimmage. He some how got
his hand in deer hunter's helment and cut it.

The kids dad will pick up princess at his moms. Get her to the pageant.
As soon as we get done with football. We will head that away. Football
game is from 5-6pm. It is at least an hour from the pageant. It starts at
7 pm.

The force be with me. I am so excited for both of them. I am not sure of
the chances princess has to win. But I can't wait to see her all dressed up.
The Great deer hunter's chance of winning are pretty slim. The team they are
playing was the best team at the scrimmages last week with all the teams.

That is enough rambling for now.