Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

It seems like forever since you left. I know you are
in a better place. But I can't help but miss you.

It is almost Thanksgiving. I remember you getting up
at 4:00am to put the turkey on. Working all day in the
kitchen getting all the fixins ready. You would let me
do the dressin because you said I do it better. I can
taste the fruit salad with the little marshmallows in

The brown and serve rolls with butter leaking out. Cran
berry sauce. The Thanksgiving day parade on TV. All the
football games, me and pop used to watch.

I miss sitting and talking about Christmas coming soon.
Planning shopping trips. I remember the day I realized you
and I would never shop together again. I cried all the
way home.

I love your homemade Christmas candy, helping you hang all
those stockings for all of us.

I have the fondest memories of when we lived in the Mize rent
house. We had the most horrible silver tree. But I thought it
was great. Then the next year I walked up by the baseball field
cut a tree down myself. Then drug it home. I sure did not look
that big out in the field. I took up 1/2 the wall and bent over
the ceiling. It looked naked because we did not have enough
ornaments. But you never said much.

I mostly love the way you made me barbie clothes, and furniture
out of commodity cheese boxes. I had living room, kitchen and
bed room furninture. The doors and drawers even worked. Then how
you saved your pennies so you could order the barbie rv from the
Sear's catalog. How surprised I was.

I want so much to be a good mom. I wish you could see my babies.
Well I guess they are not babies any more. The deer hunter is 9
now. You should see the excitement in his eyes when he catches a
fish, lizard or any other of God's little creatures. He has my
blue eyes. He can put an adult to shame when he prays. He gets
up in Church and sings with his friend. Oh how I wish you could
see him. He is my great protector. He has the kindest heart, and
is all boy.

I am paying for my raisin with the Princess. She has a sparkle in
her eyes that can't be equaled. She is the mother to every cat, dog,
rabbit, and bird that calls our house home. When she laughs it is
like joy ebbs from every fiber of her being. She has the most
enchanting singing voice. But so far has chosen to share it only
with her stuffed animals. She looks just like you when you were a
girl, curly hair and all. She is my conqueror. The coach at school
said he pities the man she marries.

I finished my 1st quilt. It as for the little princess. She loves
it. It was made from you flannel pj's, my gown, and one of princesses
gowns. It is very special to her and me. I found material to go with
the beautiful pansies you made. But I can not seem to sew it together.
I think it is still to emotional. I have it pinned together, so maybe
soon I will be able to sew it up.

Oh I wish I could just sit at the Kitchen table with you. Talk about
mom and daughter stuff. I know it is not Biblical but, I sure wish
you could sit on a cloud and watch the deer hunter and princess.

Well I have to go. Supper to get, move the living room around to have
a place for the Christmas tree.