Saturday, July 30, 2005

need a little help

Hey friends,
I have not been here much lately. Some of that is
because our computer at home crashed. But other is
because, I am having a real hard time concentrating.

I was diagnosis with epilepsy last fall. It seem I
am having more mini maul seizures. I have also had
one grand maul seizure while I was asleep. My husband
woke up to the bed shaking. It eventual passed.

I of course had no memory of it. This is starting to
affect my job performance. For the 1st time in my life.
I did not get the full raise on evaluation. She told
me I needed to speed up and make better use of my time.

I have had some other medical procedures done lately that
I am still paying for(and I do have insurance go figure)
As soon as I get them paid for I have got to go back to
see the neurologist. I have a real hard time getting around

This sounds like I am 70, but I am only 43. I have days when
I can move pretty good. But then I will have several days that
I find it very hard to just get out of a chair. I am also having
hand tremors. One night my fore finger was jumping for several
seconds..I have been dropping things, or knocking them off when
I try to pick them up..

It is hard to not be depressed. Just typing this little bit my
hand are trembling. And that is what I do for a living..I
may be able to find a job with less stress and skill. But my
family would suffer as we would take a big pay cut..

I am open to any and all advice..
Hope all of you are doing well..