Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sweet Rain from Heaven

Last night the Heavens opened up and let down a wonderful slow soaking rain.
It was the 1st substantial rain in a very long time. It was the 1st rain since
my husband put a top on our deck. It was so relaxing to hear the rain hit the
tin roof. It was a little to cool to go out and enjoy from the deck. But I can
not wait for warmer weather to sit in my swing, drifting off in to a nap. Listening
to the pitter patter of the rain on the tin.

We have a very busy day today. My little princess has a birthday party to attend.
It is at the local center for families and has a big indoor pool. I think I will
take the chance to get a little exercise in the water. It is so much easier on
my knees.

I know this has not been very much. But I have got to hit the ground running
today so much to do. My children are having a baked potato chili dinner at
church tonight. They are raising money for outings this summer.

Take care.