Friday, October 22, 2004

Girl's night

As I remember girls night. It used to include my friend
Crystal, usually beer, and what ever else we could find
to get into. Which most always ended up at the Paw Paw

A fire, friends, and good conversation under the wide
open sky's. This went on for several years. But as with
life things changed. I moved to California, She got

That was some where near 20 years ago. Live has gone
on to different things.

Tonight my daughter and I are having a girl's night.
No there is no beer involved. But It is one of my
favorite times. The husband and son are on a men's
retreat in the woods.

My darling I call her Gurtie. I am not sure where it
came from. But I am the only one allowed to call her

She is the spiting image of me as a girl. Although I
am pretty certain I was not that cute. But pictures do
show a big resemblance.

Tonight we will make nacho's in the microwave, fix hair
(several times), paint our finger and toe nails. Sit
out on the deck in the swing with the cats. Watch
her favorite movie, cuddle up in the bed together.
Talk about all the things she wants to do in her life.

Being a mom has been the hardest thing I have ever
come across. (especially in this day). But it has
to be at the top of my list. I know my sweet momma is
in heaven laughing herself silly at me.

Well I have to go. I have a date waiting.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ol Blue

Ol blue was a truck. Not any thing that would catch
your eye. Just a blue 4x4 that my friend owned. But
blue was special to me.

I have so many wonderful memories associated with blue.
He took me to the woods, to town, down to the river,
and even to Dallas to get lottery tickets. (if my memory
has not failed)

Blue was always an invitation for a ride with a friend or
maybe friends. I never knew what adventure we would find.
On one occasion blue was hauling home a sectional couch for
me. He was not doing well and the altinator was going out.

My friend and I were just trying to get back home. Part of
the secional baled out of the back on a curve. We opt to
just leave to go back and get later. I think there must have
been 10 cars that tried to wave us down, to tell us that we
had lost the couch. My friend just waved mumbled under his
breath "people need to mind there own business".

Blue most likely had rear end prints (that is the nicest way
I new to put it) of lots of folks. But before he went a way
he still had foot prints, that were mine still on the windshield.

The night they came to be, was a hot Oklahoma evening in June.
My friend and I were sitting in an old favorite place down in
the Paw Paw bottoms. Just talking about everything and nothing.
A army helicopter came to rest on top of the trees. I would
say about 1/4 mile off.

We laughed, thinking they were sitting there listening to us.
I remember we made stupid noises just to entertain them.
I'm sure they must have thought we were crazy.

As we sat there that night, I had put my feet up on the dash,
I am not very tall, I could rest them perfectly just touching
inside of the windshield. That is were the footprints came

Where ever you are blue, thanks for all the memories.

Monday, October 18, 2004


The experts say, a child believes it is part of the momma
for the first year of it's life. Then they go thur the time
of developing their own independence.

I do not know for certain. But some where in your life cycle,
I think we may revert back to momma. Not completely as in the
first year. But as we get older, I think we become more aware
of all the things momma did for us. If you happen to be female
you may even evolve into a newer version of you momma.

You notice I did not refer to her as Mother. It may be my
southern heritage, but for whatever reason she will always
be momma.

My little momma (she was only 5'1") left this world on May 24,02.
She enjoyed some fresh strawberries (one of her favorites) from
Mrs Jones's garden. When thur her, what had become normal evening
of resting quietly trying to get one more breathe.

She went to sleep, woke up in heaven sometime near 1:00pm the next
day. I was very thankful and had prayed she would just go to sleep.

My momma was from the old school, "spare the rod spoil the child"
to say I was not a spoiled child would be a accurate statement.
But just for the record, I am a better person for it. And even in
today's "time out" method of choice. I still think there are times
when spanking is necessary(don't even send me your comments about
it I am not changing my mind).

We had moved to Nicut,Ok. It is a small spot on hwy 101. The old
house had 3 rooms, no inside toilet. But I loved it, we were out
in the middle of no where. The chickens prior to us had left me
a gift. Now being 5 yrs old, rotten eggs were a treasure. I was
well armed to bomb all my enemies. My first target was the side
of the house. Now it did not take my momma long to figure out she
was under attack. She came out on the back porch, yelled at me to
"stop that right now". Then went back into the house.

Now any smart child would had ceased and disperses to other
adventures. Well I was not know for being smart just yet.
Out the door she came, fire in her eyes, I knew that look.

I am not sure what took over me, but I took off running. She was
right behind me, until I turned the corner of the house. I looked
back she was gone. Well this is pretty cool, I will have to remember
running is good. I went on about my meandering.

I was under a tree, making mud pies. I never saw her coming, she
grabbed me up by the hair. I thought she was going to beat me to
death. (not really just a figure of speech) The whole time she was
administering correction, she was telling me not to EVER RUN AGAIN!
I never did.

My little momma was a women of few words. We had moved back to town.
I was being normal little tom boy. I had climbed up into a tree in
the front yard. Getting back down was causing me a little difficulty.
I decided momma was the help I needed. "MOMMA, MOMMA" she emerged from
our small house, little sister on her hip. "What are you doing up in
that tree", she asked. "I can't get down" was my pitiful replay.

"Well you got up there, you get down". "But momma I can't" I whinnied.
She turned on her heals went back in the house. She reemerged in a
short time, with the pillow from my bed in tow. "Here you might need
this if you are staying up there" was all she said.

I bailed out of that tree right then. One of the best lessons she
ever taught me. You get in the mess you get out of it..

I could go on, but I will spare you. If you still have the wonderful
gift of your momma. Give her a hug, tell her how much you love her.
My momma knew how much I loved her, and I knew she loved me. But all
the hugging is gone for me.

Just where is 10buck2?

The 1st time I knew for certain I was in 10buck2. I was visiting
my little sister in Southern Oklahoma. Some where on a 2 lane
hwy close to Ardmore was a sign that told me I had found 10buck2.

Our 10buck2 Ranch (establishment for raising livestock) is a happy
home for 3 dogs, (Sugar, Tippy, and Blaze) three cats, (snowball, Oliver,
and princess) 2 of the meanest roosters, one wore out hen, and last
but not least my favorite Donald the duck.

We are on 24 acres, on a hill, facing the eastern sky. We have a
spectacular view. ( once we get enough of the trees out of the way) Don't
worry, there are plenty of trees. The few it will take to get view won't be

If I can figure out how to use the scanner I will post a picture of our view
So if you are having one of those terrible, horrible, very bad days. You
can imagine setting out on our deck, listening to all the noises from the
forest below.

Once when I had moved to California ( I had temporary insanity). Any way
a very dear friend made me a video of back home. ( which is eastern Oklahoma)
The thing that made me cry was listening to the bugs you hear on a hot summer
day, down in the bottom land. (that is another favorite place)

This video helped make it thru hard days with no dirt roads or nature noises.
People can buy CD's of this kind of God's music. I have it first hand. So any
time you are sitting in traffic, trying to make a deadline, or just want to relax
you can come here and take a break.

It is also home to husband, me and 2 rambuckush children.

Oh yea, if any one needs a puppy let me know. The neighbors chocolate
lab came to visit our black lab. So we are now expecting puppies
around Christmas.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Maiden voyage


This is a test run. If it works I will be back later..

jeannie diane