Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My life is Full

My life is full. It is a wonderful thing to say. I have 2 great kido's. That are doing well. I have a great career I am working on. I should graduate from Cosmotology school in Sept 08. I am really enjoying it. Can not wait. I have a job that I do like while I am going to school.

I work at a home impovement store. It is great, I see everyone I know and get paid to do it.

I picked up 10 little Banny chicks for the great deer hunter and princess today. They were thrilled. I hope they make it. They will have to live at their dads. I did call him first.

My deer hunter is growing into such a little man. My princess is still taking piano lessons. Her teacher called us. Last week she asked her to sing. The teacher was so impressed with her voice. As was a girl in the building that came to see who was singing. Her teacher is changing her piano to Piano and voice lessons. My momma heart swelled up. I prayed that she would have a beautiful voice when she was still in my womb. God has blessed us both.

To add to my full life. I have been blessed with a man. I was not really looking since I had so much going on. But he walked into my life. Now makes me smile every time I think about it.
He is a long tall drink of water, to my body and soul. I am still thinking of a name for him on my blog. He is a trim carpenter by trade and a volunteer fire fighter.

He has a daughter age 10. Between us we have 9,10,11. Both girls are in 4th grade. My kids have met him. But not her yet. As my schedule is to crazy.

I have got to go to bed. I have to be at school tomorrow am.

my new sweetie

When the day is done
you have
crossed and crossed
again and again thur the paths
of my mind
depositing fragments of you
the color of your eyes
the smell of you on my hands
the shape of your smile
the sound of your laughter
the texture of your hand
my desires grow, more of you to know
Jeanie Diane 1/30/08