Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Aunt Doodle

Everyone has a favorite aunt. Mine was Aunt Doodle. That was not her
given name of course. It was Wynonna, but I was 20yrs old before I
knew that.

My Aunt Doodle lived in California most of the years I was growing
up. She would ride the bus for days to come visit us in Oklahoma.
I would get so excited when I knew she was coming. I may have been
that because I didn't get to see her much that made me enjoy her so.

What ever the reason I thought she was the best. I can remember one
hot humid summer day. I was hanging clothes out to dry on the line.
When she our cousin brought her to see us. I left the clothes there
and ran to greet her. She gave the best hugs.

I would talk so fast she would have to slow me down. I would listen
to all the stories about California, her children, and her job.

Later in my life she moved back home. She had a mobil home down close
to the Paw Paw bottoms. I would go by cut her hair and give her a home

My sweet Aunt was a women of much faith in the Lord. I learned alot from
her. She would tell me about being a young girl down in the bottoms.
How they would walk to church, it was the only place to go. How poor
girls would dab vanilla flavoring behind there ears for perfume.

On cold snowy winter days they would wake up, to find snow on top of
the home made quilts. There would be so many quilts they could hardly
move. In the summer they would swim in the creek to cool off. After
they had washed out there quilts in the creek they would hang them
in the trees to dry.

Granny made there dresses out of flour sacks. At that time they were
cloth sacks made with material of different patterns and colors. If
it was your turn to get a dress you got to pick out the flour sack.

Aunt doodle was a wonderful cook. I think my favorite dish of hers was
pork fried rice. She will always be special to me.

My sweet Aunt went to heaven 3yrs ago this spring. Just a couple of
months before my momma did. I used to take momma, nannie, and Aunt
Doodle to Ft Smith to shop at KMart on Saturdays. It was always a
very colorful trip. My nannie and Aunt Doodle were sisters. But they
could not get along for very long.

It was always very funny to here them talk about growing up. I am
so thankful for all she shared with me..

Thanks for the memories Aunt Doodle..