Sunday, March 09, 2008

7 months and counting

About the middle of Oct, is the date I long for. This will hopefully the time I finish my 1500
hours of school. I am so ready to be done. The full load I am carrying is getting to me. It is
wearing me out.

I do have great news. One of my instructors has made me an offer. She does hair at City
Hospital. It is more of a geriatric unit. I have delt with the elderly for years. I really enjoy it.
She only works on Mondays. The lady who works Tue thur Frid will be leaving this summer.

My instructor would like me to fill in the 4 days. We are looking for someone who can fill in
for the time between when the other lady leaves, and when I can take my state board tests.

It will be my own shop. Without the start up and over head. All I pay is 10% of what I make.
I will do the residents hair care. I can also do anyone else who I have as a client. I set my
own hours and prices.

I have checked around. The Super cuts I had thought about. Requires you work every Saturday
and every other Sunday. I just do not want to work weekends. I have been praying God would
find a way I could just work during the week and only 4 days.

Then out of the blue this came to me. Isn't it great when you realize God does hear our pleas.
I have been so blessed this year. Just please pray my body can stand these extra hours.

My new sweetie is good, my kid's are great. I have been trying to think of a name for sweetie and his daughter. I think I am leaning to Fearless. It is a joke between us. I made his daughter
a tee shirt. She called me today and thanked me for it. It had Daddy's girl on it.

Fearless is a fireman. He responded to a bad car wreck today. He said it was 2 kids. I
have so many emotions tied to him going out on calls.

Well I am off to bed. My brain is going to sleep anyway.