Friday, September 09, 2005

Looking for Fall

Hello Friends,
It is getting to be quit an ordeal trying to find out what all is wrong with
me. I think the new medicine is working ok. But I am tried of being sick, so
no more talk of it..I'll either get over it or not...

I just love the fall of the year. I look forward to with much longing.
The beautiful splash of color painted on the trees by our heavenly father.
The crisp morning air, that wakes up your face. The Pumpkins in the
fields, and on the porches. Ummm pumpkin pie..
Standing out in the night, looking up at the stars that were flung across
the night sky by our heavenly Father. Listening to the sounds of the night.
The hoot of the hidden owl. The coyotes howling from afar.
Watching the last of the lighting bugs shimmer from across the meadow.
Seeing the squirrels scamper to get there winter food stored. The end of
the bullfrogs sounding off, before they bury in for the winter.

What a wonderful time. It is my favorite. I do not do the heat well
anymore. The anticipation of winter coming. Watching a bomb fire with
all the colors bouncing as the fire consumes the wood. It has been to
long since I have enjoyed that.

The air just seem more clean, in the fall. Waking to the fog down in
the valley with the morning sun gleaming off of it. Hiking thur the
woods with the crisp leaves crunching under your boots.