Friday, April 01, 2005

The Princess and The Great Deer Hunter

Yesterday made me sick to my stomach. It was one of the days that I have come
dread like having to the principal office. It was parent teacher conference
I have not said alot about my sweet little darlings. So I will introduce them
to you. My 1st born son I have named him The Great Deer Hunter. I will call
him Deer Boy for short. He is in 3rd grade has sparkling blue eyes, loves
snakes and hunting. He has always struggled with school. We have gone thur
extra tutoring, and summer school. About 2 months ago he was diagnosis as
ADD. This did not come as a great surprise to me. I have watched him struggle
to do his work. Unable to focus, sit still even cry because he wanted to do
well. We started the meds the doc and I agreed on.

It seemed to help some, but he is still struggling. It is so hard to go
and talk to his teacher. Who is a very nice lady that I correspond with
weekly. But unless some great awaking happens he will stay back this year.
It may end up being a good choice. I have an appointment with a place
called Learning RX next week. They will test him to see how he learns,
then try to retrain him on learning and studying. Please say a prayer
for us. He is small for his age, seems immature, and his birthday was
close to cut off so he is one of the youngest in his class.

I just do not want this to become a self esteem issue. He has already
suffered because he has such a hard time keeping up with the class.

Then we have my little Princess. That is the 1st word that comes to mind
when I think of her. She is very bright, vocal, and does not seem to have
any self esteem issues. She would be on the Honor Roll again if her hand
writing was not so messy. Her teacher did ask me if she had been tested
for ADD also. She does have a problem with her social skills.

She seems to argue with every one including the teacher. She can't seem
to stop talking to hear what the teacher is saying. Her teacher told
me that if we could get her to settle down she had no doubt that she
would be her top student.

Now I have not drank alcoholic beverages now for 10 yrs. But this sure
would be a time to have a good stiff drink. I try so hard to make sure
they have rounded lives, Church, school, cub scouts and brownies. Life
is so hard sometimes.

I know that there are some kids that are not taught to behave. But they
have been taught this. I know that this will pass. I just pray that they
are able to come thur with out to much baggage.

It is times like this that I miss my little mama so much. My mother in law
helps some. But some times you just need your mama. No matter how old you
get. I heard a man on the Radio talking about his mama today. How special
she was and that today was her birthday. She had passed away 24 yrs ago but
he still missed her.

The Princess and Deer Boy. God thank you for them. Give me wisdom and grace
to raise them to be strong, intelligent, loving, caring, hard working members
of the human race. I Pray most for happiness in there lives, That they find
true undying love that last a live time. I do not pray there lives always
be easy but that you always give them strength and wisdom to make it thur
the journey you have for them. I pray that they be a reflection of you in
all they say and do....And bless me with grandchildren...And health to
enjoy them.. Amen