Thursday, April 19, 2007

House Mom

After the shock, and utter embarrassment of being fired wore off. I have really enjoyed
being home. If you take out the panic attacks and sleepless nights. :-(

The last few days have been really nice. I would pick up the kids from school. Take
them to the park. We had a real home cooked meal. It was nice. I am on top of the
laundry (so to speak). Most not all of the clutter has been moved.

Spent the day redecorating the princess's room. She thought it was so cute. She is just
the light in my eyes. She is practicing " When the Saints go marching home" I am hoping
she will have the nerve to play it for the church. Piano, lessons are paying off

The great deer hunter has been out side. Working on his Kong fu moves. He is so funny.
I hope he is able to always keep his since of humor.

Last night I made up a baked pocket. I browned ground turkey, added chopped onion,
1/4 of pack taco seasoning, can of Rotel tomatoes, and drained can of whole kernel corn.
Cooked that down. Took 2 9" ready to use pie crust. Put meat mixture on one side of
a pie crust. Folded pie crust in two. Pinched the edges with a fork. Did the same with
the 2nd crust. Cooked at 400 until crust was done. It was not bad. I did not have any
cheese in the house. It would have been good in it.

We just sliced it in triangles like pie. yum yum.

Well I better get to his new Job interview. I wish I cold find a job paid well enough I could
work 3 days a week.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I have a very good friend. Her name is Crystal. Most every event in my life has
involved her in some way. We may not have been in the same state at the time.

We have been friends since Jr High. That is more years than could be possible.
Since this is the year we turn 29. :-) LOL... That might be stretching the truth
just a hair or two. Ok may be a whole head of hair!!

We might go months or even a year or so with out talking. But the min I hear her
voice. It is as if time has stood still. It may take us a while but we get back up to
speed. She is always ready to give me advice. I am usually ready to hear it. Some
times I have to chew on it a while.

Live is full of so many turns, trees down in the road, water spewing out from under

Not the longest toast in the world. But this long, tall, cold, Coors is for you Sister.