Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Do you remember

It was bitterly cold, half a foot of snow. It was clear, the snow had
cleaned the air. It looked like the world was black and white, Pure
white. The only pure white God can make.

In this world of black and white. Before so many things made it grey.
There were a group of friends. Before the friends on tv. This group
had 4 boys and 3 girls. We met every day to hang out.

On this day we played tackle football in the snow. We went to the old
country store in town. This is the same store I had gone to since I
was a small child. It had concrete floors, high ceilings with ceiling
fans. I even had a feed room in the back. It was the kind of store you
would see in any small town America. It would take you back to the
1950's. But the year was 1974. (I think)

We warmed ourselves at the old stove. Eating snacks, drying off for the
next venture out in the snow. Some of us had been friends since before

One of the guys, had lived next to me when I was 5 he was 3. I remember
being mad at him because he could pee behind a tree. I had to go in the
house. Which took me away from time playing.

One day we went about a mile from home. Crossed railrood tracks, an old, one lane,woode bridge. I got scared and would not come back across.
But that is another story.

Our little group started back out. Walked about 3 block, crossed a field.
We ended up at a frozen pond. While we were there we decided to play truth
or dare. In the midest of this, the dares started going to kissing. Who
would kiss who.

Now I had never been kissed, to say I was scared, excited, and shaking. As
you could imagine it came to me. One of the guys, that was the only jerk in
the bunch. Said he was sure I had never been kissed. I was so embarrassed.

The sweetest guy, Brad P said he would kiss me. I was sure I would just
faint right there. I can still remember his soft lips on mine. It was the
most tender kiss. I have only met one other guy who could kiss as good as

This was a warm tinder kiss, the kind what warms you to your soul. I will
always remember that day.

Tell me about your 1st kiss? Do you remember it? Who it was? What did you

Do you remember